Conversations On Customer Service & Sales



Featuring Richard Tyler

Want to improve customer service & sales? Pull up a chair and take some notes.

“Conversations On Customer Service & Sales” offers readers an in-depth look into the lives, lessons and motivations of a unique collection of men and women who have a real handle on business.


Publisher’s Comments:

Richard Tyler is a featured author in “Conversations On Customer Service & Sales” from Insight Publishing. Also featured in this dynamic collection of interviews are Brian Tracy , Don Hutson and Jim Cathcart and 11 other professionals.

This exciting series captures the insights, strategies, and inspiration of success-minded people and features the transcribed interviews of fourteen other dynamic professionals who offer cutting-edge lessons in customer service and sales.

In today’s busy world, “Conversations On Customer Service & Sales” is the perfect book for people wanting to push the envelope, stretch their wings and advance toward a higher purpose.


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